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    Jewelry That You*KEEP*!


    Your Bella & Sol monthly subscription will contain 3 pieces of beautifully made, super cute jewelry and will be shipped directly to your doorstep for just $49.99 / month. Every month this little beauty will be waiting for you with 3 amazing pieces of jewelry designed with you in mind that you get to keep! Feel special, yet? Good! We created Bella & Sol to bring a monthly subscription box full of jewelry made for you, with styles and motifs that are true to you and your personal style. 


    Your 3 pieces of jewelry will always retail for far more than $49.99, but through your monthly subscription we want to spoil you so you're going to get the rock-star treatment. We have no doubt you'll be impressed with what hits your mail box each month. 


    Every month we provide you with 3 legit, quality pieces of jewelry that are incredibly well made, and designed to last. This is the good stuff, not the throw-away stuff from you-know-who. We're positive you'll notice the difference. 


    In order to start receiving your monthly subscription CLICK HERE and select the subscription option on the Monthly Subscription Box product page. After you checkout you will receive a confirmation email confirming your purchase. That's it! You'll be auto-enrolled to receive the next monthly subscription shipment that goes out to our customers. You will continue to receive a monthly subscription box every month thereafter with your credit / debit card being auto-billed each month accordingly. 


    I know, I know, what if you decide you want to cancel - do you have to wait on never ending hold lines to get someone to cancel your subscription? Or even worse, do you have to send an email to some defunct email address that will never answer you? Nope. Simply navigate to your profile (top right of the screen) and you have the ability to edit or cancel your subscription at any time. No questions. No drama.




    December 2018 Box [Delivering January 2019]